Find backlinks to new note with templater

What I’m trying to do

I use obsidian for my work, and my current template links them together with a ‘previous working day’ and ‘next working date’, which takes into account the weekend.

When initialising my daily notes, I want to find all notes that link to this note, mainly the ‘previous working day’ note, so I can import the unchecked to-do items from the previous day.

Things I have tried

Currently I use the same logic that I apply for creating the note to get the identity of the previous note, but the problem is when I manually edit a link when I work in the weekend, It does not work as intended. Fixing this would solve the issue

I dont’ understand what you are doing/trying to do.

But you can easily find all incoming links by using the dataview plugin:

FROM [[]]

Given that your notes has a proper date in the title, you should be able to make a query to list all notes, sort by date, and choose the one in front of and after current notes date. So do you have the date in the note title? Are you somewhat familiar with dataview or dataviewjs queries?

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