Filtering Tasks by start date in DataviewJS


I am trying to view only tasks that are past their start date.

This is my current approach:

var pages = dv.pages('"tasks"').concat(dv.pages('"inbox"'))

  .where(t => !t.completed)
  .where(t => (t.start <=

I tried to find reference documentation for dataviewjs but the official one did not provide the info i need for this.


My understanding is, that pages.file.tasks returns a list of Task objects, but I could not find a list of attributes provided by this class. Am I doing the comparison correctly or do is there a special comparison method for date objects? (This is my first time trying to write javascript)

How and where are you tasks defined? How do you define the start dates?

That’s a good starting point, besides even trying to tackle the query you’ve written.

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The tasks are defined in various notes in a folder called “tasks” and another one called “inbox” like this: - [ ] Do someting🛫 2023-01-21
I’m using the Tasks plugin to create them. AFAIK, dataview should be compatible with Tasks?

In case anyone finds this questions later, this is the query that works for me:

var pages = dv.pages('"tasks"')

var today ="today")

  .where(t => !t.completed)
  // .where(t => t.text.includes("2023-01-29"))
  .where(t => t.text.includes("#today"))
  .where(t => (t.start <= today || !t.start))

Yes and no. They’re both native tasks, but the auto completion from a Dataview tasklist, might not fully work with Tasks tasks. Especially, if we’re talking about recurring tasks. I don’t think they’ll be adjusted.

There might be other anomalies, but in general they should work together, but there might be some specificities which differ.