Filtering tasks by heading in dataview

I’m trying to generate a list of tasks in Dataview (I prefer it to tasks) with multiple conditions, one of them excluding a specific heading… but I don’t know how to refer to the heading in dataview.

I tried

!contains(heading, "XYZ") 

In tasks, it would be

heading does not include XYZ

What is the equivalent in Dataview?

What I’m trying to do

There’s no “heading” implicit field in dataview metadata.

You need to play with the implicit field section (there is also the field header, but it will be depreciated):

But the value in this field is a link to the section. So, to target a specific heading (a string) you can’t filter directly the field (a link). To do that you need to use the function meta():

Something like:

WHERE contains(meta(section).subpath, "xyz")

The main point is: if we want to play with a plugin, we need to start with the plugin documentation. It requires time and a long learning curve. And doubts will appear (but based on something).


Thanks! This works as intended… I have a really hard time navigating the documentation, I did find the “section” field but completely missed the meta function.

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