Filtering quotes from a specific author with dv TASK query

What I’m trying to do

So basically I am trying to add any quotes containing the bullet point [[any author]] under my [[any author]] note.

Things I have tried

This the query I’ve tried though it is not working; it is also adding quotes from any other author.

WHERE contains(list("b"), status) AND contains(list("[[Cobain, Kurt]]"), children)

Text in a random note:

- [b] Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.
	-  [[Cobain, Kurt]]

- [b] U Idiot
	- [[Dickinson, Emilie]]

It lists all the quotes just fine but it won’t filter out the other authors.
And I would like to NOT use tags.

Is this even possible to achieve?
Thank you all in advance!

Yes, it’s possible. Focus your task query on those with status ="b", and limit on those having subtasks/children with the given links.

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Yeah, I mean I got it focused on just the status ="b" no problem.
But how do I limit it to the subtask / children eg. [[Cobain, Kurt]] ?
(Sorry, I am not into coding at all)

I got it to work now.


WHERE status ="\"" AND contains(subtasks.text, "[[Cobain, Kurt]]")

Random note:

- ["] Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.
	-  [[Cobain, Kurt]]

Thanks to holroy <3

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Another variant of that query focusing in on the outlinks of the subtasks would be:

WHERE status = "\""
  AND contains(subtasks.outlinks, [[Cobain, Kurt]])
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