Filtering or Searching tags from tag-pane


  • Filtering or Searching tags from tag-pane

Why important

  • One who uses tags extensively, it become important to be able to search throught the list of tags

Use case

  • Great plugins like tag-wangler, also require this functionality

Yes, searching tags would be great. Zotero had this great feature where it gives you a list of only the tags present in your current search results- that’s an adjacent feature that could be useful in similar ways.



We discussed it earlier, but haven’t been any result yet.
Use tag search without autocomplete is useless, I hope it will change.


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I get what you are saying about the autocomplete. It’s nice not to have to take your hands from the keyboard. When you are using the search option “tag:” and the list of tags appears, you can find the tag you want with the up and down arrows and use the return key to complete the search.


Using the up and down arrows are a time-consuming method, or writing search text requires an appropriate match in the case of tags to show results. Much better to use autocomplete which give more information and offer a better search, because you can see all the tags you can search for.

This is a good workaround for short tag lists but does not scale well. Imagine you have hundreds of tags, and you don’t really know the exact tag you are looking for.

(Example: Which tag did I use for Go Modules documents again? #go_modules or #modules or #golang_modules? Or did I even create an extra tag for the Module Proxy server, maybe #go_module_proxy or #GoModuleProxy or #go-proxy?)

Typing a part of the (guessed) tag name (like, “mod” or “proxy”) would be a quick and convenient way to find a tag in a long tag list quickly.

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I absolutly agree with you if I can use it with autocomplete, where you can search for in the entire tag. With countinous filtering with autocomplete you can get the best offerings and can choose from them.


I’d also love something like this. I have hundreds of tags too and run into the same issues

i use tags to objectify my hierarchical note taking paths (as obsidian without it is not a good place for hierarchical outlining ) and in practice, “tag pane” without searching means slow or non-function if imagine that between thousand tags and their children. then +1

I, too, with two hands for the search for tags and autocomplete
here you have mine +

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I’m for this. I hope it’s sorted out soon.

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