Filtering in Explorer pane

Use case or problem

It is possible to craft searches to pretty effectively target both the location and other searchable data, but sometimes it isn’t the quickest or most ideal for certain workflows. It also requires some forethought and doesn’t necessarily always feel as fun and exploratory as what may be possible. Of course, this depends on the vault structure and notes. It would be nice to be able to get the benefits of the explorer and the flexibility of search simultaneously.

Proposed solution

Add filtering via search within the Explorer pane. One consideration would be whether to allow toggling of folders. It might also be reasonable to have an option for individual folders to not be visible when they contain no notes that are matches for the current query. There could be a lot of opportunity for unique ways the actual filter or query is built.

Related feature requests (optional)

This: Flat view - Folder toggle - (mode to only show files in Explorer pane) is somewhat relevant as the two features could be implemented in tandem. This was archived: Filtering Everywhere!


This could be the same filter used in quick switcher (matching the full path).

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