Filtering Everywhere!

I think not being able to filter within a page is one of the biggest deal breakers in Obsidian. Don’t get me wrong, I love Obsidian and the work the devs are doing. Being able to filter blocks in a page based on a tag/link would be really helpful in removing structures from your brain. You can write bullet points one after another and just filter based on tags instead of having to fit items into headers.


Totally agree and I think this is one of the two most important features Obsidian should have.

This is the reason why Roam, Workflowy and Dynalist are more easy to write down and organize ideas. Becase firstly, there is no other interference such as giving a filename to bother you, and secondly, I have confidence to write my ideas everywhere since I know that I can retrive them easily by filters.

Another important feature is ofcourse WYSIWYM. WYSIWYM doesn’t just means clutter free. The two key point of WYSIWYM is render Image and Block (including Latex etc.) in Edit mode because I want to see what I have written when I am writing. Clutter free is not a must have but it’s better for nothing. For example, changing from " # Head" to “Head” doesn’t make a big difference, but changing from “![[2020-12-18#^807090]]” to a real text will be a great improvement.


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Second this!

@goodsignal Filtering in “search” and in “graph” can be already done for example by enclosing original search string in parentheses and adding boolean. Or am I missing something?
(original search string) AND (filter string)
Implemented options could get strike-through in OP to redirect focus to missing options.

I think, when I say filtering I mean an ability to do “Page level filtering” i.e. being able to filter out some blocks from a page so that you can focus on the other (just like in Roam)

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Agree that this is crucial and at this point the very last thing from Roam that I miss. Looks like v. 0.10.07 will bring us closer to this: “You can now Ctrl/Cmd click tags in the tag pane to toggle them as a search filter, instead of replacing the search query.”


Adding my +1 to this please. Filtering in preview mode by tag is important (like how roam has it).


Yes to this. The thing I’m really missing after migrating.

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Totally agree: being able to do conditional filtering on displayed page content based on tags (…or styles) would give a HUGE productivity and usability boost to Obsedian !

I didn’t see any concretisation of the idea yet: but would it be so difficult to add a toggle-switch to the existing tag-pane that decides if the current selection of tags in this pane is applied to the File Explorer (aka: all notes, as is the case right now) or, alternatively, to the active Notes pane, only showing blocks (not notes) in this single Note that contain the selected combination of tags ?

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This would allow a huge new variety of workflows and add great usability to Obsidian as mentioned before. I’d love if it could be used to filter the backlinks section further.


Filtering the tree by notes that contain a tag is essential for me too!
Add me to the list of guys that just migrated from other tool and are missing this feature big time :slight_smile:

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+1 This feature is essential for everyone. A huge game changer that allows to focus on what is needed, on what that time on what most important visualy, with a simple help of powerful filters would be awesome. Hope Obsidian team is working on this and it and it will be released soon.

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Filtering backlinks by [[Page Link]] and being able to exclude daily pages from that view would be great.

To clarify: If I look at the links to [[Productivity]] and want to get to the blocks that also contain [[Morning]] I don’t see how to do that.

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