Filter Linked References

Use case or problem

I have 100s of Linked References to my most important topics. I like to be able to see my [[open question]]s related to any subject. If I have to scroll through a list of linked references with more than 15-20 results, it’s a chore. Over time, you’ll probably end up with way more refs. For each of my clients, I build up hundreds. No filtration options makes it really hard to manage here.

See 20:00-30:00 this sort of workflow would be really hard in Obsidian right now. Just being able to filter linked references would probably be enough for me to switch more fully to Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Let me filter linked references by co-occurrence on the page!

Current workaround (optional)

Advanced search queries. This requires me to remember all of the things I could filter by, and is less exploratory. Filtering linked refs would let me find out what’s related to a page.

Related feature requests (optional)


Definitely would like this. The sifting and exploring is important. Also helps visual people build out queries.

Also perhaps the ability to extend the backlinks references to include unlinked mentions in other note file names. e.g. [[Techniques for Phase Delay]] & [[Things that effect Phase Delay]] can appear in [[Phase Delay]] backlinks section. Similar to unlinked references. Would help make the backlink section a powerhouse of utility.