Filter files to publish with query

Use case or problem

Some private file I don’t want to publish, but for now I must to unselect that manually, this is error-prone and inconvenient.

Proposed solution

Filter files to publish with query (for example -tag:private mean files with #private tag will not be selected)

Current workaround (optional)

I created a private directory, but some files in this directory should be placed to other directory (for example: math directory and math test scrore)


Conversely, only publish notes that have a tag of #publish or similar.

This seems preferable as a note is never published until the user explicitly tags the note as publishable.

This could grow into an entire set of features over time, e.g. compound filters that publish notes matching a tags in the set {…} [AND|OR] notes in a specific set of folders, etc.


Tags work for markdown files but not attachments.