Filter dropdown (like window file explorer)

What I’m trying to do

I created a template with the property
City: “[[Places/]]”
And I also have a Places folder inside of which are folders with country names, each containing regions, which contain counties and finally cities.
When I create a page with this template it is hard enough to click in the correct place between / and ] to make the dropdown appear.
What I would like to achieve is that when I am there the dropdown appears listing only the countries ( that is, the top-level contents of the Places folder), and not all the pages contained in my vault, even outside Places (as is the case now). I would like it to start typing the list of drop items to be filtered for all the items (files or folders) that are contained in Places, whether I am typing the first few characters or if I am typing intermediate characters.
Then, once I have selected the country, and pressed / I would like to repeat the same operation for the regions of that country. All the way down to selecting a file.
For example
Places/United States/New York/New York City/Manhattan
where there is both a file for New York City but also a folder with the same name inside which Manhattan is.

I would also like, for example, if I type // to go and look for the next characters in all the files in Places.
For example, if I only have York in England and New York in my vault, I would like to type
and see me listed York and New York City (and of course New York State).

Is there a plugin or setting that allows me to do this?

Things I have tried


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