Filter Dataview table to only list when inline links are used

What I’m trying to do

Have a Note that uses a dataview codeblock to list things I read when added to my Daily Notes. I’m using [title:: name] and [author:: name] as the inline links, and my codeblock is

TABLE title, author
FROM "Daily Notes"

Things I have tried

I have added WHERE contains(title, author) but this only returns items that do NOT contain an inline link!

Even tried ChatGPT which threw out some nonsense, none of which worked either

Have scanned the dataview documentation and looked at some of the example query vaults

Feels like a simple thing and sorry if this is too basic a question to ask

Those are not inline links, but inline fields, just to be precise.

If I understood your requirements, the following shold do the trick:

Table title, author
From "Daily Notes"
Where title or author
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It did! Thanks so much

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