Files View Filtering

Use case or problem

The ability to sort, rearrange, and filter the Files View. When working with a combination of markdown and other formats of files in a vault, it can be really beneficial to be able to organize them appropriately and find and filter the view without needing to execute a search.

A community plugin served this feature-set well up to this point but with a lot of the enhancements to search and similar views this feels like it would be better implemented as part of the standard Obsidian features.

Proposed solution

A Filter Box for use with files similar to the functionality provided by Bartender.



Current workaround

You can use the Bartender plugin (Releases · nothingislost/obsidian-bartender · GitHub) with BRAT (GitHub - TfTHacker/obsidian42-brat: BRAT - Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool for Obsidian. Part of the Obsidian42 family of plugins.) because it’s not in the community plugin collection, but some of the functionality is broken from recent updates and needs fixes.

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