Files list/tree (left panel) empty

Greetings all,
Just restarted my computer in the morning, opened Obsidian, and the files tab/tree is blank. I still have files in the folder because there are files open and my bookmarks still take me to other .md files, but the file list is blank.
Has anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

Things I have tried

I’ve restarted Obsidian several times and nothing’s changed. When I restarted there was a notification of a new update to (probably) advanced tables. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. View this short clip of problem.


Disable Plugins - I assume you have Bartender plugin - which doesn’t work with 1.5.8

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Thanks @looney.apache, it was happening to me as well. Disabling Bartender solved the problem.

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Thanks, looney.apache. That was exactly the problem. Saved me a lot of time!

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Me too. Thanks for the solution.

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