Files from different devices (linux)

I’ve just tried to drag a file into obsidian, it didn’t work.
After some research I found out that files that lie on a different partition are not available in obsidian. I can also not attach those files without drag&drop (via the command palette), the device (which is mounted in my file system and works everywhere else) does not appear in the file selector.
Files that lie on the same device work as expected.

Is that a bug or a feature?


This is likely a permission issue in appimage/flatpack/snap in your system.

I am gonna move this to help.

Works fine here, even for “partitions” that are actually nfs-mounted drives on other machines (using Ctrl+Drop to get the link). I use the 0.12.4 AppImage.

Thank’s I’ve uninstalled the flatpak version and installed from AUR, now the problems are gone!

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Fantastic to hear! And of course voted for the AUR package.

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