Files deleted from "bulk restore" after I asked it to bulk restore. The files were not restored

I would like to restore my deleted files. This occurred when I tried to sync a third device on Obsidian sync. I use google to store my main accounts and I use local storage on the device for sync.

I have tried restore bulk and although it said it was restoring it did not restore the file and now they no longer show up on “deleted”.

Some of the files are still available on one device (stored locally on the devices) and some files are on the third device (also stored locally).

I think the deleted files have something to do with the way I synced my files. I want to disconnect from them all and start over but I don’t want to lose the possibility of carrying my files back from one device. These are over 500 files that I would really like back.

Thank you in advanced to anyone who takes the time to help.

Maybe you’re aware, but Obsidian Synced vaults shouldn’t be in stored in Google Drive.

Can you clarify what you mean here? It’s a bit unclear (to me anyway). Maybe a simple list of devices and where the vaults are stored (their path) could help others lend a hand. For example, something like:

  • PC1: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\MyGreatVault

  • PC2: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Obsidian\MyGreatVault

  • Android Phone: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/MyGreatVault

Before working on restoring anything, we just want to make sure the Obsidian Synced vaults are not in Google Drive, etc.

Hey! I have my main vault files on google drive, yes. I did not know that this is not ideal? As for my files the paths are the following

PC1: Mygoogledrive>Main Vault
Phone: Internal storage>Documents>Remote main Vault
Tablet: Internal storage>Documents>Remote main vault

I dont know why I didnt think of this but I checked my trash bin for google drive and the files are in there. But you suggest I dont save my files there?

I don’t use Google Drive, so please anyone jump in here if there’s something to add, but it seems to me if your vault is in Google Drive on one device only, it should be alright if you have Google Drive set to mirroring (keeping all files local). Obsidian needs all the files & folders local to work properly.

Please review this link again:

While I haven’t used Google Drive, I have used OneDrive with their setting to always keep files local, but it gets turned off at random times, sometimes doesn’t apply to new files, etc. Because of this, I wouldn’t keep any Obsidian Synced vaults in any cloud service folder. Your milage may vary.

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