Files default to the top of the page when i switch between them

What I’m trying to do

When I switch back and forth between two long files, it always defaults to the top of the page. It’s actually super frustrating because I’m hopping back and forth between two files that are 10000+ words in length. I waste at least 10 seconds each time, and since i’m switching back and forth constantly, it’s legitimately halving my productivity.

Things I have tried

I looked in the settings and couldn’t find an option to maintain my position in the document.

There’s an open feature request for this:

This problem only seems to occur with very long files, however.

Another question, though:

When you are forced to switch continuously forth and back between two files, why don’t you just open them in two tabs or even two different panes? This would save a lot of time anyway…

I don’t think it’s that strange to be switching between files. If i kept every piece of information in one file, that would be an absolute pain to scroll up and down. While I am coming up with ideas, I have to reference various bits of information, which requires switching files. Sure I can open up a separate obsidian for each file i want to reference, but man that’s quite a work around.

I didn’t suggest you should store all information in one file. Neither do you have to work with several instances of obsidian. Why don’t you just open each file you are working on in it’s own tab or pane?

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