Filenames with a '?' in them don't work on Android

Steps to reproduce

Sync a vault to Android using Obsidian Sync that contains files with ? in the filename. You will get an error saying that the

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Expected result

It should sync files that contain a ? in the name from Obsidian Sync to an Android device.

Actual result

It does not sync files that contain a ? in the filename.


Any version of Android

Additional information

I have read the previous bug report on this topic. However, I believe fixes to this problem were dismissed without enough consideration. Yes, ? is illegal to use in filenames for Android’s file system. However, that is not stopping you from encoding ? as %3F (or some other encoding) in the actual filenames and just decoding %3F as ? in the app. This goes for other “illegal” characters as well.

The reason I’m so concerned about this is I am considering switching to Android from iPhone and I have A LOT of notes that have ? in the file name. If I can’t properly use Obsidian with all my notes on Android, then I can’t switch.

Why, in principle, can this issue not be fixed by the devs?

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It’s controlled by the operating system, because Obsidian uses standard text files in system. At one time, Obsidian didn’t allow illegal characters regardless of the operating system, but some Apple-only users wanted to be able to use them.

Personally, I avoid them to maintain cross-platform compatibility regardless of the OS I’m currently using.

You may be able to use something like VS Code to delete or replace them in bulk.

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It doesn’t seem like there has been much movement on that though. Will it ever be addressed?

In the meantime you could replace ? with a legal ¿

regular search: file:?

regex search: file: /?/

… right-click on a search result → Rename

I generally use ¿ for that very reason.

If you have a lot of files with ? you’d probably be better off doing a bulk “find and replace” file names with a grep tool available in your OS.