Filename in tab turned blue (link color) - what does this mean?

Things I have tried

I googled and searched for this in the forum already, but didn’t find anything: suddenly the color of the filename in one of my open obsidian tabs turned blue (exactly the same color that links have). I opened the same note in a second tab, and there it stayed white (I use a dark base color). After I closed both tabs and re-opened the note, the title/filename of the tab now stays white as always.

Is this a special feature? What does it mean then? Or is it a bug?

Are you able to replicate this? (You mentioned it “now stays white as always,” so I’m not clear if it’s still an issue.) If you can, can you please show screenshots both in editing view and reading view?

I will come back when it happens again; cannot replicate it at the Moment. But the main question was: IS there a well known function which does this on purpose (I don’t have any fancy plugins installed)?

If the title is surrounded in double brackets (e.g., # [[title]] rather than # title), does that look like what you saw?

Perhaps I didn’t make this clear: I don’t mean the filename-auto-title that Obsidian has activated by default and that shows the filename as a big header at the front of each note. I actually disabled this in the settings. I mean the filename in the actual tabs ribbon at the top - the one you click on the ‘x’ to close a note. This filename has been blue - the very shade of blue all the links in the notes have.

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