FileLink isn't creating links

I have a dataviewjs script that is producing a filtered table of notes. The query works well on Obsidian desktop, but isn’t producing a clickable link to the notes produced. I can’t quite tell why.

What I’m trying to do

// Get the filename of the current page 
const filename = dv.current(); 

// Extract the year and month from the filename 
const [pyear, pmonth] = filename.split('-').map(Number); 

// Define your Dataview query using the extracted year and month 
const pages = dv.pages() 
	.where(p => p.type && p.type.includes("Trip")) 
	.where(p => p.Tripdate)
	.where(p => == pyear && == pmonth) 
	.sort(p => p.Tripdate, 'asc'); 

// Render the results as a table 

dv.table(["Trip", "Date"], => [
		dv.fileLink(p.file.path,,"en-US", { month: 'short', day: 'numeric' }),

Things I have tried

The output shown looks correct, but without the required links:

Trip (2)
Salt Lake City, Utah soccer Kate June 13-18
Santa Barbara Soccer - ID Camp June 30th

Can anyone help me determine why the output isn’t creating a link?

Try or instead of