File view on iPad

What I’m trying to do

I’m ultimately trying to put in my dashboard a link that will allow me to open a file on my iPad to edit a pdf. A part of organizing a life with many pdfs to read, but I read on my iPad. I believe I can make this happen by using File Index…on my mac it indeed provides the auto-generated list of files in a folder. And on my mac, if on that index page I click a link to the saved pdf in that folder the default pdf reader opens.

I said I “believe” that will work on the iPad, but I can’t get that far. The auto-generated (thanks, File Index) index file in the folder in the vault that contains the pdf is indeed the full list. But only on the mac.

I’ve installed File Index on the iPad version of Obsidian and immediately noticed that there are no options upon installation. The plug in claims to be installed and enabled.

On the iPad, if I click on the index file in the folder that has the pdf, it is empty. File Index has to be loading that page dynamically in order to keep up with changes in the file it’s indexing. But that seems to not be happening on the iPad.

Failing that, can anyone think of a way to create a link on a pdf file in the vault that would open my pdf reader (PDF Expert in ny case)? Thanks.