File Tree Alternative Plugin with AidenLx's Folder Note

Hi everyone

I love both plugins (File Tree Alternative Plugin and AidenLx’s Folder Note) but the only problem is, I can’t use both at the same time.

Anyone have a solution? or an idea to talk with the creators to make an alliance


You can file an issue in their github repos. I think you can also try to reach them in the Obsidian discord since both seem to be fairly active

It is available in the new release of File Tree Alternative plugin:

Please check the Discord message for more details:

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Thanks, Ozan. I’ve just found this and it is really helpful. I’m now trying to figure out the best way to do the reverse - make a folder out of an existing note and move the note inside it. It would be mighty handy when you want to make some quick notes that relate to an existing note.