File the hotkeys menu by conflicting hotkeys, and highlight changed hotkeys whose default would conflict with another one

Use case or problem

If I have a bunch of conflicting hotkeys, I want to easily be able to see just the ones that conflict. I’d also want a way to see hotkeys I’ve changed whose defaults would conflict with other hotkeys I’d set.

Let’s say I want to bind CMD R to a Command B, but there’s already a Command A that’s binded. I would unbind that one, and bind B. When I filter hotkeys to ones I assigned, I’d want a visual indicator that the default hotkey for Command A would conflict with B.

Proposed solution

  • Obsidian should add a new filter to the hotkeys menu called “Conflicting Hotkeys” to just show hotkeys that conflict
  • Hotkeys are colored red when they conflict, and if you hover over it, it says “conflicts with _”.

Right now in Obsidian, If I unbind CMD R from Command A and bind it to B like described above, the hotkey for A would just say “blank” and be white. Instead, it should have another color, like yellow, and say “The default hotkey for this command would conflict with _”

If you click on the hotkey with the conflict, it should already filter the list to show other commands bound to that hotkey.

I didn’t make it as a solution, did you?

Anyway, I still think there should be a way to see all conflicting hotkeys and highlight hotkeys whose defaults would conflict with another.