File system operation timed out on Mac M1

I have been using obsidian for more then a year now.
In the past I had once troubles with (very) slow note loading and writing. That fixed itself by eventually making space on a full harddisk.

Now the same problem is here again to stay.
I did find similar posts on this forum, but I can not see/read any solutions.

what I have tried

  • making around 80G of free space on a ~500G disk does not seem to help
  • disabling community plugins
  • installing previous version (1.3.7)
  • upgrading Mac OS Ventura from 13.0 to 13.6.3



I also wanted to mention that I can edit my notes just fine by dragging my vaults folder into an editor like Vscode.

Something weird must have been going with dropbox (whom is syncing my vault) and Obsidian. I made a new vault folder inside my local dropbox folder and copied all my notes. It all works fine now.

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