File reference

I can’t figure out how to properly make a link to a local file in Windows. [File] (file:///C:\test.doc) doesn’t work.

Hi Vadych,

I tested it for local file and directory and it does work.
[File] (file:///C:/test.txt)
[Folder] (file:///C:/folder/)

URI links works now aswell, I tested Zotero using zotero://select/items/1_PYEIYPTV and it opens to the location of the link.

Hi guys
Just been playing with that bit of code (I am not a ‘codie’) and it seems that there should be NO space in between the closing ] and the opening (

Found that snippet to be very useful, thank you both

I figured it out.
For windows, you need to change all “/” to “\”. Which is not obvious and very inconvenient.

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