File recovery not working

I’m not sure what to say here. There are only a few recovery saves for my notes. Many of them only have one, including the ones I work on regularly. And they are from several days ago. The snapshot interval is set at 5 minutes and I extended history length to 365 to see if it would help, but it made no difference.

Adding the missing context from another thread:

@mangosteel if you extend the interval you get even less versions saved.

Extending the history length works from this point forward. You can’t retroactively add snapshots.

Anyway. There is an easy test for this. Set your snapshot interval for 1 minute. Make an edit. Wait a minute and see if it’s saved and repeat.

No snapshots are saved if the file is not modified and snapshots older than the history are removed.

I’m not extending the interval, here. I extended the history length. So the interval was kept at 5 and “History length - Length in days snapshots is kept for” (sic) was extended to 365. I’m not sure I understand why you think I would try and retroactively add snapshots. That doesn’t sound like it makes much sense. Neither changing any of these values reinstates the functionality of the feature, including changing it to 1 minute intervals. I’m still stuck with a non-updating history, despite having made multiple modifications to my notes.

Let’s put the misunderstanding aside.

Set the interval to 1 minute and edit a note. Does it create a snapshot?

What OS are you on?
What Obsidian version do you have?

Anyway, I just noticed a possibly related issue. I will look into it.

We will change the way file recovery triggers the save.
Not sure if this will fix your problem. I gonna mark this solved with version 0.11.11. If you still have problems or expect something different, open a new report.