File pane collapses or opens randomly

When I write, the left side pane sometimes closes by itself.

I have checked settings; vim mode is deactivated and so is custom CSS.

This behavior is highly annoying, it interrupts flow if suddenly my interface looks different.

Steps to reproduce

I can reproduce it when I open Obsidian, open a file, click on an empty line and start writing random letters like “adjkadjadskjad adkj adskjad skadsj kadsj adksj asdkl///” and insert random “///” into the text. after half a line or so, the left sidebar closes.

When I then continue to write, especially with commas (","), the left sidebar sometimes opens again.

Expected result

just writing normally without change in the interface

Actual result

the left side pane collapses, or opens again


  • Operating system: windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information

This is very weird. Can you post a short video/gif?

Can you check the developer console (ctrl-shift-i) for any errors?

Are you using some uncommon input method?

I am just using normal external usb keyboard on a thinkpad laptop, but it also happens with laptop keyboard. I don’t have weird extensions installed, just obsidian on windows 10 with the daily, the random and the zettelkasten plugin enabled. I switched to standard lights theme and disabled custom css.

This is how it looks like when it collapses

and here it expands again

the “expand” effect only happens after I save the file (so not directly after a collapse happend) with ctrl-s or after a restart with pane collapsed

no error messages in console

Any chance you set the custom hotkey for “Toggle left sidebar” to something that you could trigger when typing?

thanks, it was set to a different value (I think it was ctrl+shift+x), I reset it to blank and the problem has not appeared since.

I was also not able to recreate it. I’ll set a different hotkey and if it appears again, I’ll update here.

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