File.outlinks not finding header links

What I’m trying to do

I am new to Obsidian (247 notes) but am absolutely loving it! its changed my life! :slight_smile:

I have a note called “I am, People are”
Inside it I have a link to another note [[Learning Index#Master Yr2|second year]]
I am using this link so I link it as text in the sentence, its not the files alias.

In the note “Learning Index”
I have 2 dataview blocks
I want it to show the link to “I am, People are”

This one works:

FROM -"Templates" AND [[Learning Index]]
WHERE type != "moc" AND !contains(file.inlinks,

But this one doesnt

FROM -"Templates"
WHERE type != "moc" AND contains(file.outlinks, AND !contains(file.inlinks,

If I put a link into “I am, People are” manually as [[Learning Index]] then the second block works as well.
I want the second block to show the link without having to manually add the link like above.
I would like to use this code block because it is more automated than the first and if I replicate it around other notes I don’t have to manually enter anything into it I can just cut and paste it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much

Things I have tried

I am guessing the “contains” is looking for [[Learning Index]] and its the ]] that are the problem as [[Learning Index#Master Yr2|second year]] doesn’t strictly contain it, however I’m at a loss to how the first block is working as its basically the same thing i.e. [[Learning Index]] =

What worries me is in the right outlinks panel of Obsidian it doesn’t show the note name for the outlink but the Header name

I have read through the dataview syntax manuals but I’m at a loss where to go from here?

Thanks for any help

So I figured out a solution, well a couple in fact. I thought I would post it here just in case it can help anyone else :slight_smile:

You can enable “back links in document” from the menu of any note however this doesn’t have a filter in it so shows every back link which isn’t good for my use case because I’m mainly doing this so I can find notes I attached to the note, usually in haste when I’m jotting something down and quickly referenced the link

The second was this:

FROM -"Templates" AND [[#]]
WHERE type != "permenant" AND !contains(file.inlinks,

Which works perfectly :slight_smile:
[[#]] is a source that looks at the current file like but it can be used in the FROM line
and it removes the need for contains(file.outlinks, in the WHERE field

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