File names with accented characters disappear from the File Explorer

When creating filenames using accented characters, it disappears from the File Explorer and can’t be found even when using the Open command.

The file is on the filesystem and is saved correct. It simply disappear from Obsidian as soon as it’s saved, and can’t be referenced or opened or anything after the initial save.

To replicate, try creating a file called: coração, either by creating from New, or following an internal link as [[coração]] in another file.

what version do you have?
what os are you on?

Sorry, I was back to delete it. Was using 0.6.7 and after the automatic update to 0.7.3 it is solved. Thanks.

you gave me heart attack. we worked hard on 0.7 to solve that very issue!


Again, sorry :slight_smile:

But loved the automatic update!

Tested on a Mac with Catalina.

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