File Loss with iCloud/iPad/Mac Sync

There is some platform support we’re not utilising here. For example, I open an .md file in my Vault in Obsidian and it only shows the “local” version; open in and it shows conflict resolution (critically, the version on “flathead” has extra data I would have lost)

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This just happened to me. 4 hrs work gone. “Optimize storage” off.

I noticed obsidian kinda lagging, so closed it and when I opened it again, nothing was there. Just an empty file. Checked in finder. Nothing. Some moments later, the “Modifications aren’t in sync” popup appeared. Selected all versions (4 versions, going back yesterday). The latest one was empty. The previous one was saved 4 hrs ago.

I suppose this is iCloud’s fault, but just in case obsidian should warn about incorrectly saved files. Never gonna trust iCloud + Obsidian again.