File is not rendered if toggled from edit to reading mode from a popup window while main window is minimized

  • Obsidian Version 0.15.4 (installer 0.14.15)
  • macOS 12.4

Repro Steps

  1. open Sandbox vault
  2. click the Start Here note
  3. from the More options (3 dots) menu, choose Open in new window
  4. minimize the main Obsidian Sandbox - Obsidian v0.15.4 window
  5. click the little sunglasses or press ⌘E to toggle to reading mode
  6. the window will now be blank:

It would be better if you reported this bug related to the insider build in the insider channel on discord.

Reporting bugs on Discord feels like floating a message in a bottle. If you guys want to keep these separate, I suggest opening an Insider Bug Reports area here instead. I can’t even open Discord where I am right now (work).

will be fixed 0.15.5

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