"File hash mismatch"

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

upload fotos with obsidian publish

what is the meaning of “File hash mismatch” when uploading with Obsidian Publish?

some jpg files work, others produce this Error-Massage.

That’s weird - the error should only happen if the file was somehow corrupted while being uploaded. Does it consistently happen to the same files?

I have isolated 5 Files with this Problem. This 5 Files work fine in Obsidian and other apps.
I cannot find any differenze to the other 60 files

The all type jpg and between 100k and 3,5 Mb

Can you send me the smallest of the files that isn’t working? Send it to me via DM here or on Discord to Licat#1607, and I will try and see if I can repro.

Solution for Mac

Open jpg file with "Preview

and save in the same directory with changed quality.
Afterwards, problem files can be uploaded without error messages.

Not very trustworthy for original files, but works.