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I am very new to Obsidian (downloaded Mac app yesterday). I am also a Moneydance user for managing my finances. Quickly noticed that Obsidian files use the .md extension; however, it looks like Moneydance uses the same extension, also. I’m wondering if this may result in some sort of conflict/confusion, etc. in the future. Any advice from other users??

What kind of conflict do you imagine would happen?

One thing to keep in mind is that you should absolutely not use your main documents or root directory as a notes Vault. Use a separate folder where you will store your notes. ie. do not store your Moneydance files in your Obsidian Vault, and it should be fine.

AFAIK Mac OS doesn’t really use filename extensions to determine file type, so it should not matter.

Understood. I would not store Moneydance files in the Obsidian vault. By the way, do you have any thoughts on using the paid Obsidian storage feature??

Thanks for taking the time to assist me…

That’s not quite right. Based on the file extension, you can set which default application will open the file. And it will affect how Quick Look works. For example, if you rename catInTheBath.jpg to catInTheBath.pdf, Quick Look will no longer be able to preview the image, because it will attempt to show a pdf file. Or if you rename it and try to run the file, it will attempt to unzip it, and fail with an error.

So @donwowar the only issue you might face is that you can choose which program will default open .md files automatically if you click them in Finder. But with Obsidian notes, you will likely rarely click the .md files. Instead you’ll usually be browsing them directly inside Obsidian. And you can always “Open With…” to choose an app to use.

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