File explorer is mixed-up on Android tablets

With Android tablets it is not possible to show a “clean” folder area. The names are shown in two columns in a mixed order and names are overlapped in a chaotic way.

Steps to reproduce

  • Use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in landscape mode
  • open a vault with a lot of entries in different folders
  • open the folder area

Expected result

  • Operating system: Android 11
    System Update: 1. August 2021
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.4

Additional information

Meanwhile I cannot work with Obsidian on tablet: The folder/files area does not show any files or folders anymore. If you switch to fullscreen and tap into the area for a moment some parts of the list are shown. Immediately they disappear and no file was opend. Even to restart Obsidian doesn’t help.

With a smartphone I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Here it works fine.

Some screenshots:

It looks I am the only one having this issue. Even with the latest version of Obsidian it is definitely impossible to work on the tablet.

I cleared the cache and reinstalled Obsidian. Nothing worked. Really strange.

are you using themes/plugins/snippets?

Sorry for very late reply: The reason was the use of the theme Obsdn-Dark-Rmx. It tries to show the folders and files in two columns. This fails. With “Everforest” it works.

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