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It happened for the third time this week that I make a note, and when I want to open this note the next day, it is damaged and shows “NULNULNULNUL” (see Screenshot). And I don’t know where to look for the error. Is it Obsidian? Or the cloud where I saved the file? Or the encryption software I use? Does anyone know this problem? Thanks!

I have had precisely the same. I could not detect patterns in the files affected or the surrounding scenarios. I did have to restore several hundred files deleted during obsidian sync (I think related to changing the folder name - I changed the capitalisation and syncing with mobile on Android).

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I haven’t changed anything in my environment - no folder names, no locations, nothing. I just created a note, edited it, and wanted to use it again the next day to continue working on it…

Many things can cause corruption, unfortunately, so it is hard to name a cause without a lot more information.

What Obsidian version are you using? What OS? Plugins? Are there other services (e.g., file automations, backup services, other editing apps, collaboration tools) working on the files? Etc.

Reflect on your set up and think if anything might be automatically changing files in the background.

You may want to try using Safe Mode for a while (e.g., disabling all community plugins). If it doesn’t happen again, then you know one of those is at fault.

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