Fetching WatchedDate for a movie database from file.day of linked daily note

What I’m trying to do

My vault is focused on extensive research of culture, so at some point I faced a problem of piling up non-existing stumps of content, that were linked as reference in other notes.
As a solution for this, I created a movie database, mainly following the famous tutorial. Now I want to connect it to my daily notes, so I can simply link a movie to my daily note and automatically fetch a corresponding date attribute for a movie page. Later I would like to sort my movie database according to this date.
I know that it’s completely possible in Notion with their rollup feature, but I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure it out in obsidian for a good week now.

What I’ve already done

This is how it looks for now. The query in the center doesn’t seem to work (It just returns no results), and I don’t think that it will help with sorting anyways. I’ve read and tried to comprehend rollup-related posts on the forum, but It didn’t make the things clear, so I ask you for your help.

Thank you in advance!

Good question!
If you’re trying to set the field status in order to query it in some other dataview query, you want either the single-line inline dataview (maybe works? I’m not sure) or to use a plugin like Metaedit (definitely works, I use this).

Separately, you might be able to sort your movie database using a query on the backlinks of the movie by getting, e.g. the earliest backlink with the tag #dailynote. That would make your database query not dependent on the status field, and then you could definitely use in-line dataview for that one.

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