Fedora linux and iCloud

Things I have tried

I have run several searches on this forum as well s google and utube

I want to access my Obsidian vault from my MacbookPro and a Linux desktop running Fedora. I successfully loaded iCloud on both machines and, using the file manager, I can see my iCloud Drive from the Fedora desktop.

When I run Obsidian and choose to open an existing vault from the menu, the app doesn’t see the iCloud Drive. I can see all my local directories, but not iCloud. Is there a configurationI need to adjust? I am logged into iCloud and it is visible from the regular file manager.

What I’m trying to do

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I’m not a Linux user, but, as a test:
If you copy the folder from where you can see it in your file manager into a local folder somewhere, and then try opening it in Obsidian, does it work?

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