[Feature] Zoom images/documents, and also share

[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v 1.03

It would be very useful if standard pinch gestures could be used to zoom in and out when viewing i.e. pdf documents or images in obsidian.

It would also be a very nice feature if it would be possible to share such a document directly from the app, similar to sharing a picture or video from the images app in ios. This way, you could easily find for instance a certain scientific paper that is included in your vault and just send it directly to someone via e-mail, whatsapp or whatever.

I think these two features would greatly improve the mobile app!


This should be a standard!

This is something I miss as well. When having a PDF it is shown with not much screen estate on Android. Iā€™d like to be able to zoom it and/or easily share it with my normal PDF-reader to read it there instead.