[Feature] Swipe down : 1 finger for command palette, 2 for quick switcher!


[x] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.0.5

Quick switcher and command palette are very often used : one could be accessed through a one-finger swipe down, the other through two-finger swipe down.

More broadly speaking, adding more gestures or a way to access several quick actions would be great.


Alternatively, A long swipe for different actions. Kinda like email apps.

Would be good to swipe vertically and the distance can correspond to different actions that are configurable in settings

Nice idea. More broadly speaking, a pool of gestures assignable to desired quick actions would be the most flexible and useful option.


Craft does two-finger tap for the quick switcher, and I think it works perfectly.

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Sorry, what is “Craft” ?

Craft.do - a popular note taking app in the Appleverse.

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+1 for long swipe.

Short swipe down: Command Palette

Long swipe down: Quick Switcher

And an option to reverse them for individual preference.

I want to toggle(close) keyboard with simply swiping down.