Feature suggestion: Dataview support user-defined shorthands for data fields

Dataview currently supports a few emoji-based shorthands for dates (see doc). They are:

  • Due Date: 🗓️YYYY-MM-DD
  • Completed Date: ✅YYYY-MM-DD
  • Created Date: ➕YYYY-MM-DD

A useful feature would be to allow users to expand the set of shorthands. For example, what if a Dataview had a setting to specify emoji - field name pairs? Users can then specify the emoji shorthand-field name combinations that they need.

In my specific case, I’m trying to cross-utilize Dataview and Tasks plugin. Tasks plugin uses other emojis for Scheduled and Start dates. If the above feature existed, I could go in to Dataview settings and specify:
:hourglass_flowing_sand: dddd-dd-dd to be [scheduled::dddd-dd-dd]
:flight_departure: dddd-dd-dd to be [start::dddd-dd-dd]
where d = 0-9.

This would enable users to do much more than adapt Dataview to other plugins, such as Tasks. Users could, as they want, create their own shorthand emojis for data fields.

This section is for Obsidian core features, not community plugins, but you can post this as feature-request issue on DataView’s Github page. (I’d also rephrase the title as a non-question since you know the answer already.)

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