[Feature] Split Down & Split right command for Obsidian Mobile on phone

Use case or problem

I regularly used the split down and split right commands on Obsidian Mobile on my phone, and definitely miss them now that they are gone.

Proposed solution

I’m not sure if it is in bad form to request something that has been intentionally removed, but I definitely would very much appreciate if the split down and split right commands were returned.


I’m going to upvote this one, although I’d much prefer a split right option. I sometimes find it useful to view two notes side by side in landscape orientation on my Max iPhone.


Good point. I will adjust the request. I agree that that is useful. Thanks.


I also would really like to see this feature returned.
Having two panes open at a time on my phone has been central to my workflow, having this removed has been a bummer.


Same here, with sliding panes enabled one was able to swipe between 2 full size panes fast and elegant.
Somebody said somewhere that it would probably be easy to implement this functionality in a plugin. Forgot where I read this.


Count me in. I need this feature

I thought that this was a bug. The options are still there, but isn’t working.

I had to downgrade to use it again


Yes. I use Obsidian on a tablet that easily has enough screen real estate for a quadrant setup with 4 notes open and vissible. It is so helpful for me to have this capability for my workflows. Please bring this functionality back to Android. Sincerest thanks.


agreed, i like the split down on mobile to refer to another note quickly

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Please bring back this feature, it was an important part of my workflow as I mainly take notes from my phone. It is sad that it’s gone!


I concur. This feature is essential to my notetaking workflow with the Media Extended plugin. Splitting vertically is handy when in portrait mode on mobile, and splitting horizontally is useful when in landscape mode.


Any progress… I am also looking for this feature…


I can’t find Split buttons in mobile, but using the “Split down” and “Split right” commands in the Command Palette work on my iPad. Not on my iPhone, though.

+1, I often use splitting on desktop to work between two or more notes.

My phone (Pixel 6 Pro) is plenty big enough to work with two notes either in portrait (vertical split) or landscape (horizontal split).

Please add this feature!

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Yeah, plenty enough space. Would be really useful to have a note (in reading mode) or a PDF in the top pane and continue editing in the bottom pane!

Currently a bit annoying that the current action doesn’t provide any feedback


+1, I am forced to workaround using Android’s native app split which is less than ideal.

I was ecstatic when I saw the options in the command palette… then found myself in this thread!

I agree with the above. Being able to click around in a graph and look at the notes is very productive. I basically have to constantly switch back and forth in the android app.