[Feature] Soft keyboard enhanced to support Markdown

Can we get a mobile keyboard like this??? Markdown is onerous on a soft keyboard, with all of the special characters. For those of us who know markdown, it’s preferable to make it easier to type with fewer and smaller gestures.

This sort of keyboard provides some amazing affordances!


I notice you didn’t use the Feature Request template. Did you create the post directly in the Feature Request category, or start it elsewhere and move/assign it after starting it?

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If this feature happens, I’d prefer it be optional.


The app has a fully customizable mobile keyboard bar already.

How is this suggestion different?

(There are also plugins that expand/change the above keyboard.)

To get a better mobile toolbar for Obsidian, try the Commander plugin, especially with the column layout enabled. It’s better than the toolbar on any mobile markdown editor I’ve ever used, including iA Writer.

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There are clear functional differences between this toolbar (it’s not part of the keyboard) and the keyboard that I linked. For reference sake, this keyboard is part of the WebSSH iOS app, though I have seen similar like it.

Respectfully, your example does not compare. The example you gave has:

  1. fewer columns
  2. provides less control to the user by way of abstractions
  3. is less capable as each button has only one behavior

Seems totally reasonable to have it as optional for users who are more accustomed to source.

This was my first post. I was disoriented by the template and only vaguely recall it.

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Thanks, that’s helpful to know. If you file another request and have the time, I’d be interested to hear a more detailed breakdown of what makes it overwhelming (or if it’s as simple as “Uhh, that’s a lot of words” or “The formatting makes my eyes hurt”, that’s useful info, too).


I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Can you be a little more specific?

@eight This seems like a prime candidate for a plugin—it wouldn’t be the first one with different functionality than the stock mobile toolbar.

Sorry, I was asking for more detailed feedback on the feature request template (if you felt like it and had the time).

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Ah, I see!

I didn’t have a more concrete recommendation than a markdown-specific virtual keyboard that minimizes taps and swipes. The screenshot I linked above exposes several non-alphanumeric characters as a quick tap-and-drag. It also emits parked open close characters as well to expedite typing and smartly positions the cursor after.

Making markdown syntax a single tap or tap-and-drag on a small form virtual keyboard (think phone) would accelerate authoring on those devices for many.

When I get to my phone, I can record a quick video demo that may illustrate more clearly. I suppose text is mediocre, pictures are good, and videos are better. :wink:

No, no, the template, not the request itself. :sweat_smile: This side conversation, not the main one: [Feature] Soft keyboard enhanced to support Markdown - #8 by eight The request is reasonably clear.

(I’m not pressing you for a response to that question, just trying to clarify.)