[Feature] Sketching option in mobile app

I’d love to see the inclusion of a sketching/drawing option, at least within the mobile app like Craft has on iOS.

Use case or problem / Current workaround

Ahrens argues and studies show that handwriting is still one of the most effective methods of note-taking for retention. While I could write out literature notes on paper and then transcribe them to Obsidian later or import a scan/image from another app such as Craft, Concepts or Apple Notes, it’d be great to have the ability to sketch diagrams and handwrite summaries/key concepts directly within the Obsidian app to reduce friction and context switching.

Proposed solution

I’m no developer but in Craft on iOS, it appears that the developers are using the same drawing functionality as is used in Apple Notes. I’m not sure if Android has a similar option but if it does, it seems to me like that’d make it easier to implement on both platforms. That would meet my basic sketching needs and I’d imagine it’d work well for others as well. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of Notability within the mobile app although I wouldn’t complain if such options were implemented.

Closing thoughts

This would be amazing to see. Incorporating some of my old flow-based note-taking methods from college into the Zettelkasten method within Obsidian would be a game-changer. It adds some of Luhmann’s analog methods back to the mix in digital Zettelkastens while gaining the benefits of writing out the essentials by hand.


I’m also a Craft and Notability user among other note-taking/research apps. The handwriting feature is the biggest feature I miss in Obsidian and it keeps me from using it more. I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement PencilKit from Apple but I can imagine a plugin that could enable it and on non-Apple systems it could display an image if it cannot provide full interoperability.

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Just installed Obsidian Mobile on my Boox Nova 3

Put my feet up, pen in hand, and was about to write some notes - then the keyboard pops up?

I was nonplussed for a while.

It works fine - props to the 2 devs. :: but, and maybe a niche expectation, but I was hoping to use a pen and the tablets writing ability to… well write notes.

Anyone else

Have you tried the excalidraw plugin?

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Yes, I love it. My vault is too large to make use of Obsidian Mobile though to use Excalidraw on my iPad. Haven’t found a good workaround yet.

If you have iPad and Mac, you can draw on the notes app, wait for it to sync to the Mac and then copy/paste from notes to Obsidian.