[Feature] Showing note in right sidebar not possible on iOS?


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.2 (69)

On the Desktop a note can be shown in the right sidebar. Is that not possible on iOS?

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I think you’re correct that it’s not possible, unfortunately.

Well, bummer. But thanks for confirming my suspicion. :+1:t3:

We can always file a feature request (or upvote if one already exists).

Now I have a note in my sidebar on mobile, but I don’t know how it happened and I don’t remember doing it. When I tap the link the note appears in the side pane (that’s how it was when I found it). I’m guessing this is a glitch, but maybe there’s hope?

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Hi there,

Actually, yesterday, when using Obsidian mobile to do some minor editing to a note (“Mu”), this very one happened to be pinned into the right sidebar !

However, as this is something I did not want to,and as I have no ideas how I did it, I am stuck the other way not knowing how to remove it from there…

Thus, could it possible to prefix the title of this topic “[Bug/Feature], as it seems to be both actually, please ?

Thanks for the clues if you guys would have some, and have a good One.


You should be able to remove it by editing the file .obsidian/workspace-mobile.json in your vault. Because .obsidian is a hidden folder it would be easiest to do it on desktop and let the change sync. If you want to do it directly on iOS, the only ways I know to access hidden files are the paid text editor Textastic, the free terminal app a-Shell / a-Shell Mini, and the “get files” action in Shortcuts.

Here’s my note that somehow got into the sidebar, seen above the file explorer:

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Thanks @CawlinTeffid for the explanation of the manoeuvre : it will help me clear this out until i would eventually know a bit more the why it happened to be pinned there at the first place !

EDIT: After checking, it seems that i don’t have such workspace-mobile.json into my .obsidian desktop folder !?

I’m sorry, I assumed that file would be synced back to desktop even tho it doesn’t use it. But I just checked and I don’t have that file on desktop, either, so I guess you’ll have to edit it on mobile.

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for my case my note pinned to the left sidebar when I used the show local graph core plugin

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