[Feature] Sandbox vault


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1 (83)

It’d be nice to have a sandbox vault for testing, like the desktop version.


Although it’s semi-off-topic (but not really, since they are both related to “Help” vaults), it would also be nice to have access to an in-app Help vault that is updated with each release, a feature that used to exist until recent updates (pre-1.0 versions).

As things are, you’re required to open a Webpage with a copy of the official Help vault, which isn’t kept up-to-date very well. The Webpage explains that the reason for lack of updates is due to recent, huge changes to the app in general, which is a fair point, and I don’t mean to be impatient whatsoever. I love Obsidian MD as it is. But it would be nice to eventually have a self-updating official Help vault available in-app.

Anyway, like I said, not completely related to your request, but since the Sandbox vault is for testing and both it and the Help vault are grouped both by function and within the Help dialog box in-app after all, it is mostly related, right? :wink:

It’s related, but you should post it as a feature request (if none exists) so it can get proper attention.

I miss the in-app Help too, and I agree the documentation should be more up-to-date. They actually have a GitHub repo where you can submit changes and suggestions. I forget where I found the link (somewhere in Help?), but here it is: GitHub - obsidianmd/obsidian-docs: Help documentation for Obsidian.