Feature request: wait for all plugins to finish rendering the page before following header links

Note: I moved this from Help to Feature Requests as I think it requires programming to solve. Or maybe it’s a bug?

The Shifty Link Problem

This has been vexing me for a few weeks. At first I thought it was a bug, but I think it’s just a natural part of how Obsidian does things.

I found that for a certain file, my links to headings don’t go to the right place. Or rather, they do for a second then get pushed down out of the way and I have to scroll down to view the heading block.


I guess I’m sharing it here in case others are wondering why their link to a heading or block gets shifted down out of the way after clicking on it.
But also hoping to find a solution if there might be one.

The root of the problem: dataview is working correctly

Yes you read that right. Because dataview works right, this odd behavior occurs. You see, the linked file has a dataview table in it, which of course gets populated each time the file is opened.
The link points to a file heading which is located below the table in the same file.
When clicking on this link, I get taken to the right spot, then dataview populates the table, and because the table is failry long, the heading gets “pushed down” the page out of sight and I have to scroll down to find it each time.

A proposed solution

If Obsidian would allow all plugins to finish rendering the page before following links into the file, this would not happen. :slight_smile:


  1. Pin the note which contains the link,
  2. click the link twice. The first click open the note in a new pane, the second click jump to the correct position.
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Clever! :slight_smile:
For my workflow that does not reduce my mouse travels, due to the extra pinning and unpinning and clicking.
But it does perhaps suggest a fix for the “problem” which would be to somehow wait to “follow” a heading link all the way into the document until all plugins have finished rendering in the page.
I wonder if that could be a feature added

I use hotkey cmd+ctrl+p to pin the current active pane(i.e. call the command Toggle Pin) to ease the pain on finding the correct item in the long list of the menu.

And I also submit a bug report with might be related to the issue mentioned in your post:

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Funny, for me, I have to hit the File explorer: Reveal active file in navigation hotkey twice for it to work properly too

I think this is not related to this issue, perhaps start a new thread around it?

Jumping can be improved but not we the change proposed here.
The pages are rendered ad-hoc for performance reasons. This is not going to change.

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Great! That’s good to know people are aware of the problem. Is there already a bug or feature request open on it so I can track progress? I’d love to be aware of any proposed approaches or the status of it!

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