Feature Request: Option for Middle-Click to Open and Automatically Pin Tabs


Many Obsidian users, like myself, rely on middle-click to quickly open linked files in new tabs. This is a convenient way to explore connections without losing our place in the current document.


The current default behavior allows left-clicks within a new tab to overwrite its content. This can lead to accidental loss of work or frustration when trying to navigate between multiple open files.

Proposed Resolution:

I propose adding an option in Obsidian’s settings to enable automatic pinning of tabs opened with middle-click. This would provide the following benefits:

  • Protection against accidental overwrites: Users could confidently explore linked files without worrying about losing their open tabs.
  • Improved workflow: Navigating between multiple open files would become smoother and more intuitive.
  • Customizable experience: Users who prefer the current behavior could leave the option disabled.