Feature Request: offer to kill plugin process if it lags Obsidian, and offer to enable safe mode on startup if plugin crashes app

Use case or problem

I have this issue with the Calendar Sync plugin that can make the app unresponsive, even after restarting it, on my 16’’ M1 MBP.

Proposed solution

Hopefully the plugin dev will look at it, however there are measures Obsidian could take when this happens. If a plugin makes the app lag really hard like that, perhaps suspend or kill the plugin process (if that’s possible) and then show a message whether to resume or restart that plugin.
If Obsidian crashes or force quit, regardless of if a plugin made it lag, it can show a message on modal before loading plugins asking if you want safe mode enable after the app crashed. If the message appears too often, there can be a checkbox saying “don’t show this again” and a setting somewhere in settings to re-enable it.

Current workaround (optional)

I can navigate to the plugins folder on Finder and move or delete the plugin folder.

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