Feature request for Excalidraw

First of all, I would like to thank the creator and community for their wonderful work with excalidraw, truly a phenomenal program for visual thinkers.

Features I would love to see in future updates:

  1. Sticky notes, that popup when hovering or clicking on an image. The sticky notes should have the ability to write text, insert emoji’s and hyperlink them.
    -Hovering or clicking to popup the sticky note should be customizable in options
    -Colors of Sticky notes, should be customizable as well.

  2. Iframes for excalidraw to embedding videos, sound/voice-recordings, maps etc…

  3. Able to paste gifs images on the white board, with the option to have them play/animate upon hovering, clicking or continuously play/animate.

For me, excalidraw is already a program that I value a lot. Should the above features one day be implemented it would make it legendary.

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this FR should be made in their github repo.

Thanks, gonna do that.