Feature Request: Daily Entry Overview for Better Reflection and Idea Generation

The reason for this request:

I’m looking to enhance my daily diary entries and generate new ideas.
I miss the intuitive feeling of flipping through my old physical notebooks.

I suggest having an overview/reader function/stack notes of all your daily entries, which you can skim through and look at just like you would with a regular diary. With this feature, you can go back to your old entries and stumble upon things you’ve written a long time ago but forgot all about, which would help you reflect and generate new ideas in a better way.

I imagine the function to be somewhat like the ability to stack pages, but now you have the ability to stack pages from a specific time period or even tag. Say I want to open up all of the files in my daily entries from 2023-04, I could just tap open up, and then the files would just appear as a stacked group file I could read through instead of I manually needing to open up all files.

While Obsidian doesn’t currently have this feature, some plugins can get you close.

Calendar links each day in a calendar view to that day’s daily note.

Periodic Notes includes an optional navigation feature, and has template tags to make your own if you prefer them to be part of the note.

I believe there’s a plugin that stacks notes (maybe even specifically daily notes) into a scrolling view, but I don’t remember its name.