[Feature] Option to hide mobile toolbar if an external keyboard is attached

Certain ‘mobile’ devices (e.g. iPads) can also sometimes have physical keyboards attached. There should be an option to hide the mobile toolbar if an external keyboard is attached, but for it to reappear once the keyboard is disconnected (so the user is using the on-screen keyboard).

The mobile toolbar is a waste of screen-space for anyone using an external keyboard who is familiar with the necessary keyboard shortcuts. Disabling such toolbars when keyboards are attached is pretty standard in mobile apps.


I would also love to see this. iPad Pro 11" is my primary device, and with the Magic Keyboard connected there’s no need for the toolbar to be present. I wish I could have it auto hide, or manually hide it.

Agreed. I use the “smart” keyboard on a smaller iPad. We see both the standard toolbar, and also a “keyboard settings” widget that takes up additional space. In a minimal, focused-style configuration, this would be entirely cleared, and I’d be using the physical keyboard only.

Thanks for this great software.

Hello, any updates on this feature requests?

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I’d like to have this feature too

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This would be amazing! The toolbar (and the bar on top) use so much space. On the small mobile device, it would be great to be able to focus only on the text.

I second this. The toolbar takes up alot of screen estate. And the white “bar” is still there when you dont enable any toolbar items. So the UI feels cramped at best, but even bugged when there are no toolbar items. Would love to see this area of the UI be more optimized/configurable (status bar?)

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Heres an example of how much screen estate is rendered useless when only having a couple of items in the toolbar. Would me a lot more sense to me if at least the items on the toolbar would “kiss” the edge of the bottom of the screen, rather than be forced to hover above the system keyboard bubble thing.

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+1, I use my bluetooth keyboard with multiple devices including my Android Phone so this would be quite useful.

For me, I don’t understand why this design is a default choice, it occupies too much space.

I would also like this feature.